Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Runners!

At yesterday's #MHWHNightRun, I arrived way later than the flag-off time.
First, it was because my friends and I had spent too much time at Alia's open house (the food was really good!). Then I went to the wrong venue. By the time I arrived at the starting line, some runners were already heading back to their cars (!)

So Zu & I became, literally, the last two runners of the race. We even had two crew members on motorcycles to escort us. Whenever we passed a traffic marshall or people serving drinks, our escorts would call out, "Last runners, last runners!", and the people would cheer because their work was done for the night.

I haven't been running for months so I was so out of breath and I felt like walking throughout the 5-km route. But since I was with Zu (aka the alpha female), I had to run all the way just to keep up with her. Though she ran slower than usual so that she could keep her eyes on me, she was still about 40 metres ahead.

The man on the motorcycle was going very slowly yet I still lagged behind so he had to stop every few minutes for me to catch up. I think the only way for him ride alongside me was to put his gear in reverse.

Around two kilometres to the finish line, we finally caught up with the other runners and were no longer dead last. #pridesalvaged

We met with another runner, Nelson, who had already completed the race and was looking for his friend. He took pity on me probably because I looked like I was on the verge of crying or dying, or both, so he accompanied me to the finish line.

He offered me some drinking water, urged me on when I wanted to just walk and taught me the correct breathing technique. Well, he tried to anyway but I was still breathing like an asthmatic patient until the end. 

At long last we crossed the finish line. Yeay!
I have to admit it was kind of fun but I think hiking is more my thing :)

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