Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sleep is a powerful motivator

I'm supposed to hand in a 750-word assignment today. As expected, I just finished writing it late last night (and prior to writing this post, I have just finished editing it). It's not a difficult assigment. Yet, I kept putting it off.

I think it has to do with the "Week 5 slump". Typically, people are all eager to start the new semester well. We would draw up the usual resolutions to no longer procastinate, to pay 100% attention in lectures, etc. But come week 5, the spirit has somewhat cooled down.

Another example of my weakening resolution is that I didn't manage to read the EDUC265 readings for this week. It's EDUC265 people!!! The subject I'm most diligent in. The subject where Rod Lane is my tutor ... remember??

Anyway, let me get back to the title of the post.

Last night, after writing about 500 words, I went downstairs for a "short" break. Predictably, the break got extended when I switched on the tv and NCIS was on. Oh, I also went downstairs to drink a glass of milk. But, the break also became an unplanned makan session.

See how weak my willpower is? huhuhuhu

Anyway, I somehow managed to bring myself upstairs again to face my unfinished assignment. But it was so hard to concentrate since it was already 10.45pm. I thought I better sleep first and wake up early the next morning to finish it up. Nisa, who's in the next room, sensed my intention. She got me to finish up my assignment by saying:

"Syada, Syada takleh tido lagi. Baru nak pukul 11. Buat kerja dulu. Dah pukul 1, kalo Syada tak siap lagi, baru boleh tido. Kalo Syada tido jugak, Nisa kejutkan sampai bangun"

Pukul 1??? I can't stay up that late. I wanna sleep!!!!

Suddenly, I was gripped with the urgency to finish writing the remaining 250 words. It surprised me how quickly I finish writing them up. SLEEP, not grades it seems, is able to motivate me ..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1st entry in my new blog :)

I've actually had this blog for quite sometime. But since I haven't written anything yet, I just kept quiet about it. Most of my friends have long switched to blogspot. I managed to "resist the temptation" for a while. But then I surrendered. What gave me the final push is the tak senonoh advertisements featured in my friendster blog. Hmm ... tak mau la ... baik bukak blogspot <---- this is roughly how my blogspot came about :)

Things had been hectic lately. My social life, which is practically non-existent before, has somewhat taken a busy turn; I'm taking part in the Dikir Barat and the Ulik Mayang sketch for the upcoming Malaysia Fest. The Fest is just 4 days away, so the past few days (and the remaining ones) have been spent doing intensive training. I feel bad for the rest of the Village residents; they had to put up with our noisy sessions every night. Ampun ...

I may be biased, but I do think that our Dikir Barat rocks. We have great songs + great moves. And we've been practising like mad ...

I've always loved performance arts. But typically, I'm just the appreciative spectator, not the performer. Granted, my role in both performances are minor but the experience has been very exciting.

I have now caught the singing bug. I rarely listen to music before. The music collection in my laptop is pitiful to say the least. But now, I couldn't stop singing, particularly while taking my shower. The favourite songs are Raya songs + Dikir Barat songs. The one song that I keep repeating is: "That Thing U Do".

And it's not just me who's having this Dikir Barat fever. It seems others are experiencing it too. Semuaorg dok berlatih Dikir Barat dlm shower. It's funny when you think about it.

Anyway, it's a pity that everything will be over this Sunday. Huhuhu ...