Friday, November 24, 2006

Only 10??

Tagged by Ana.
Have to list down who I think are the top ten sexiest men alive.

Here goes:

1) Thierry Henry
The coolest footballer. Professional, talented, dedicated, and down-to-earth. And ooh ... the French accent! The complete package.

2) Juan Roman Riquelme
He's not that good looking but I really like him. An unsolved mystery this one ...

3) Gary Dourdan
My favourite character in CSI!

4) Johnny Depp
Who doesn't love a roguish pirate??

5) Mark Ruffalo

Played the sweetest imaginable guy in "Just Like Heaven" and "13 Going on 30"

6) Diego Luna
Love at first sight when I watched "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights"

7) Jensen Ackles
I'm terrified of horror films/tv series but am a big fan of "Supernatural" because of him

8) Chad Michael Murray
The picture explains all:

9) Patrick Dempsey
There's a solid reason why he's called McDreamy

10) Colin Firth!!
He's the perfect Mr Darcy~ enough said. Should have put him on the very top of this list!

Sekian ...

Friday, November 10, 2006

trying to snap out of it

These past few days have been trying.

Now, isn't that surprising considering that
- the term is over;
- I have handed in ALL my assignments; and
- I have absolutely nothing to do

I have been dreaming of this moment for so long (since week 10). After handing in the EDUC265 major assignment, I was completely burn-out. Never in my life have I worked so hard for a 1500 word assignment. I've read hundreds of pages of conference papers for the assignment. I had to squeeze every word from my brain to complete the assignment whereas most of my friends exceeded the word limit (I only reached 1489).

Anyhow, after that punishing task, my downward spiral began:
- I missed three 2-hour lectures (one lecture in each subject);
- I left one lecture when it's halfway through;
- I began to neglect my readings; and
- I put off doing my Sociolinguistics' major assignment for as long as I could

It was a battle to get through the end of week 13.

To motivate myself, I dreamed of all the things I would do when the semester is over. I made a list of books to read, movies to see, places to go to, things to write in my blog, etc

But I haven't done any of the things I planned. I just don't have any enthusiaam left it seems.

Today I feel particularly depressed (sorry Nisa & Durra for having to put up with my gloominess and unsociability).

I just feel a lot of problems weighing on my shoulders and I don't think that I'm strong enough to face them all. :(