Friday, October 09, 2009

PMR 2009

That morning, on the first day of the PMR examination, the traffic was heavier than usual. Parents probably took the day off to give moral support (and chauffeuring service) to their kids.

In light of the H1N1 virus, several health-related precautionary measures were taken:

1) Each student's body temperature was taken. They will be quarantined if their temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius.

a student's body temperature was taken using the infra-red thermometer

2) Face masks were distributed and students had to wear them before going into the exam hall.

They told me, "Cikgu tak nampak, tapi kami tengah senyum ni!"

3) Hand sanitisers were also deployed.

Some teachers even brought raisins. The students swallowed them like they are some kind of magic pills (!).

Despite yesterday's briefing, some students still came late, and around 36 students forgot to bring their IC or examination slip. Thus, the school had to produce Surat Akuan to certify that they are indeed students from this school.

Besides the health checks and Surat Akuans, the students also received some last minute tips from the subject teachers. The informal assembly ended with the recitation of the doa. Several visibly-anxious parents looked out from afar, taking all the goings-on in.

not everyone was attentive when the subject teacher dished out some last-minute tips

People cope with pressure differently. Thus, some students looked cuak, some tired and sleep-deprived, some way too cheerful, some excited and some indifferent.

note the different expressions
dia kata dia pening tapi nampak sihat dan ceria je...
he fell from his bike the day before, hence the wounds. he looks so innocent! (but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover...)
3M and 3N boys who cause me so much grief in the classroom (but admittedly, they selalu menghiburkan hati jugak)
3K boys (who says budak kelas depan2 senang sikit nak handle? it's pure myth! they give you a fair share of headaches too)