Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teachers' Day 2013

This year's celebration will be somewhat muted. The students are in the midst of their mid-year exam and for the first time ever, the morning-session and the afternoon-session teachers in my school will celebrate Teachers' Day separately :(

So, anticipating a rather sombre day tomorrow, I tried to cheer myself up by remembering the funny things that have happened, so far, this year. Below are some of the things I could recall:


R gave me a riddle, "Teacher, api apa yang takkan padam?"
I thought for awhile before giving up, "Api apa?"
Looking directly at me while trying his hardest to keep a straight face, he revealed the punch line, "Api cinta kita"


I was teaching 3 Tekun Plural Nouns and was telling them that the plural form for 'synopsis' is 'synopses'.
Me: "Other words that follow the same pattern include: analysis, basis, crisis, axis..."
Iznul: "Maxis?"
Then others started to chimed in, "DiGi Teacher? Celcom? U Mobile?


A student was about to go for Umrah. He bade farewell to his classmates and me. We all wished him well. Before he went off, he whispered conspiratorially to me, " Teacher, nanti saya doakan Teacher kat Jabal Ar-Rahmah (!)"


What I came across when marking exam papers:


I was pasting the students' work on the bulletin board when a student raised her concern, "Teacher, boleh ke tampal poster ni?"

 "Why not?", I asked, a little bit perplexed.
"Macam simbol Illuminati je"


Students do say the darndest things, don't they?

Maybe the above stories aren't really that funny; perhaps they got lost in translation; or perhaps you have to be there to get the joke.

If the above anecdotes failed to cheer you up, I know of a fool-proof way to do so. Behold, the perfect pick-me-up:

Ryan Gosling can do no wrong ;)

Happy Teachers' Day to all fellow teachers!!!


jaime said...

Syada, the funniest line is nanti saya doakan teacher di jabal rahmah hihihi so cheeky la hadoii

Shi Ying said...

what's jabal ar-rahmah?
but i like tony stark!hahaha.... so, is your student physically or mentally like him?!lol....

me said...

#1 is definitely a winner!!! LOL

Rosyada said...

Shi Ying: According to Muslims, Jabal Ar-Rahmah was where Prophet Adam and Eve were reunited after their expulsion from Heaven. So people often pray for their 'jodoh' (other half) there :)